Youth Empowerment through Technopreneurship (YET)

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Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI)



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14 October 2022 | 5 PM

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Program Guidelines, project proposal templates, and other relevant documents can be found at this link.


The Youth Empowerment through Technopreneurship (YET) Program develops entrepreneurial competencies among the youth by providing financial assistance to male and female college students in select academic institutions and male and female young professionals with commercially viable research projects. Formerly called DATBED or DOST-Academe Technology-Based Enterprise Development, the YET Program supports income-generating projects with technological innovation, market potential, and technical viability when commercialized.

College Students - Filipino college students with student-developed technology endorsed by an academic institution that underwent YET program orientation. In addition, academic institution's eligibilities are as follows:

  1. Offers tertiary level S&T courses and entrepreneurship development programs;
  2. Facilities and resources available for the proposed projects;
  3. Core team of advisers, program coordinator, and school management support.

Young Professionals

  1. College graduates who either:
    1. successfully implemented and completed DATBEDa project/s as a college student, OR
    2. are endorsed by a DATBED-assisted academic institution AND with an existing company for at least three (3) years, OR
    3. have viable research projects and are tenants and/or graduates of a TBIb housed in a YET-funded academic institution
  2. Young professionals who have completed the academic requirements of the school as a graduate of any S&T, entrepreneurship, OR creative industry courses.
  3. Filipino men and women-owned enterprises duly registered as sole proprietors.

aDATBED -  DOST Academe Technology-Based Enterprise Development
bTBI - Technology Business Indicator

Project activities and maximum grant amount covered by the Program are the following:

College Students

Acquisition of raw materials, small tools, packaging and labeling expenses, and computer hardware and programming language (for software application development). DOST-TAPI shall grant a maximum amount of ₱250,000.00 per academic institution.

Young Professionals

Acquisition of raw materials, packaging and labeling expenses, and production tools and equipment. DOST-TAPI shall grant a maximum amount of ₱350,000.00 per project.

For college students:

  1. School's letter of intent
  2. Accomplished Data Privacy Consent (DPC) Form
  3. Project proposal/s

For young professionals:

  1. Proponent's application letter of interest
  2. Accomplished Data Privacy Consent (DPC) Form
  3. Project proposal/s
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Endorsement of DATBED-assisted academic institution
  6. Copy of business permits and licenses
  7. Copy of certificate of registration of business name
  8. Audited Financial Statement for the last three (3) years
  9. Annual ITR
  10. Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA) OR Deed of Assignment
  11. IP Documents/Patent Certificates
  12. Three (3) quotations from suppliers/fabricators for all the equipment to be purchased/fabricated
  13. Affidavit of authenticity

 The full list of requirements can be found at this link.

Projects submitted must obtain at least a 75% score with the following criteria:

  • Technical aspect - 50%
  • Marketing aspect - 20%
  • Financial aspect - 20%
  • Management aspect - 10%

*You may check the full details of the criteria in Annex B of the YET Guidelines at this link

DOST-TAPI Public Assistance Office
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Tel. No.: 8837-2071 local 2153