TAPI's Training on IP for Researchers

Taguig City - TAPI held its first experimental training on IP called "A Training-Workshop on Patent Drafting for DOST Researchers". The training-workshop was conducted at the TAPI Audio Visual Room last 17-19 June 2014.

Participants of the said training were researchers from DOST R&D Institutions, Regional Offices, Councils and Service Institutes and from SUCs. The three-day activity supported by DOST-HRDP aims to guide the researchers on acquiring basic skills needed in patenting. TAPI Director Engr. Edgar I. Garcia shared that this was in response to the call of the DOST management to increase the number of patents filed and approved in the country thus, contributing in the overall ratings of the Philippines in the Global Competitiveness Index.

All resource speakers are registered patent agents and came from TAPI except for Mr. Jerry Serapion. Mr Serapion is a Senior Science Research Specialist and the legal consultant of the Philippine Rice Research Institute and a seasoned patent agent like TAPI's newly hired Supervising Science Research Specialist, Mr. Caezar Angelito E. Arceo. Mr. Arceo is one of the resource speakers of the activity and handled the workshops along with Engr. Manolita Aurora O. Javate, Mr. Robert R. Verzosa and Ms. Anna Liza B. Saet.

While the topics presented and discussed for this training were the usual topics being discussed for a typical Patent Drafting Seminar from the Basics on IP to Invention Spotting to Drafting Claims, this training course was conducted as a high level course on IP for researchers. A preliminary search report and worksheets on how to spot invention were utilized during the training which is not included in similar trainings attended by the participants. Actual technology disclosure of DOST agencies were used during the workshop as actual case studies for invention spotting, prior art analysis and drafting specifications. Real workloads of registered patent agents on the actual preparation and filing of patent applications were also experienced by the participants during the succeeding days of the workshop.

Most of the participants enjoyed the three-day training-workshop and were shown by the remarks from the participants during the closing ceremonies. For instance, Ms. Lyn Aggangan, said that she thought thr training-workshop would be boring and a redundancy of the learnings she had on IP but proven wrong because she enjoyed and learned a lot from the training. She also said that she will apply the "tools" she acquired from the training for the inventors that she will meet as a PSTO of Batangas. She would evaluate first the novelty of the invention before forwarding the request to TAPI. The same reactions were also heard from the other participants and for the researchers-participants. Over-all rating of the participants for the training were outstanding and they requested for more related and follow-up trainings and more time for workshops with the same speakers and set of participants.

Atty. Marion Ivy D. Decena, Officer-in-Charge of the Invention Development Division, delivered the closing remarks for the activity. She pointed out that the training conducted could be used as a platform for beginners and would-be patent experts and reiterated the objective of the training - for DOST to have a pool of patent experts who could be tapped for consultancies involving prior art search and drafting of specifications - which ideally will be achieved through this kind of activities. (Janeth N. Cruzada)