Coconut dehusker, plantable paper “RICE” in Region IX


As part of the continuous search for the best investors and researchers in the country, the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology organized the Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE) in Zamboanga Peninsula on 09-11 September 2019 at the Palacio del Sur, Marcian Garden Hotel, Zamboanga City.

The 2019 RICE which coincided with the Regional Science and Technology Week (RSTW), recognizes the indispensability of the Filipino inventors for national development.

“We encourage students to join RICE because we believe that the younger generations sustain our inventive endeavors in line with social and economic development of the country,” said DOST-TAPI Director Edgar I. Garcia.

This year’s RSTW theme in Region IX, “Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Development in Zamboanga Peninsula,” captures and enforces the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW)’s and RICE’s primary message this year.

“The science community plays a vital role in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which creates a positive impact to the country as a whole,” said DOST-IX Regional Director Martin A. Wee.

Plantable paper

Kabasalan National High School’s “Plantable Paper” took home the grand prize for the Sibol High School Category.

The Sibol Award is given to the most outstanding invention or creative research for students in high school and college levels.

“The plantable paper was carried out to lessen the production of papers from cut-trees and the growing paper wastage,” said Caren Joy N. Banico, one of the researchers.

Eran E. Suarez and Jona Mae N. Tandus complete the group of researchers behind the Plantable Paper.

Coconut dehusker

Consequently, Jose Rizal Memorial State University of Tampilisan won the Sibol College Category for the research on the Development and Performance Evaluation of Electric Motor Driven Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Dehusker.

With an impressive dehusking efficiency and recovery, the coconut dehusker’s cost and return analysis revealed highly favorable results due to the shorter payback period and high return on investment.

“We were inspired to develop our invention by the coconut farmers’ difficulties and hardships in dehusking coconuts,” said Jeward M. Dagodag and Jayrald G. Misperos, inventors.

RICE 01With a certificate of recognition, cash prize, and bragging rights, Sibol Awards understand the need to recognize the young minds’ contributions to the science and technology developments in the country.

Both plantable paper and coconut dehusker advance and represent Region IX to the National Invention Contest and Exhibit (NICE) in 2020.

The following is the complete list of winners at the 2019 RICE in Region IX:

Likha Category

Regional Winner



First Runner-up

Coconut Male Flower (CMF) from Hybridization Waste as Base Component for Pure Culture and Inoculum Media for Various Mushroom Cultures (Commercial and Native Mushroom and Biocontrol Agents)

Richard L. Lumata, Luisito J.

Peñamora, and  Analyn L. Lumata of the Philippine Coconut Authority, Zamboanga City Research Center


Second Runner-up

Inexpensive Nanostructured Filter for Separating Fish Oil from Sardine Canning Waste Water

Joel G. Fernando, Swidin S. Husin, and Ariel C. Alvarez of the Western Mindanao State University


Sibol College Category

Regional Winner

Development and Performance

Evaluation of Electric Motor Driven Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Dehusker

Jeward M. Dagodog and  Jayrald G. Misperos of the Jose Rizal Memorial State

University, Tampilisan Campus

First Runner-up

NYK (Arduino-Based Remote

Controlled Amphibious Drone

Waste Collector)

Chris F. Palpagan and Sean Chris F. Palpagan of the Andres Bonifacio College

Second Runner-up

Design, Development, and

Performance Evaluation of a

Village-Type Low Cost Pelletizer

Rosemarie E. Ducoy and Jessie O. Talas of the Jose Rizal Memorial State

University, Tampilisan Campus


Sibol High School Category

Regional Winner

Plantable Paper

Caren Joy N. Banico, Eran E. Suarez, and Jona Mae N. Tandus of the Kabasalan National High School

First Runner-up

Conversion of Biowaste (Banana pseudostem) into Eco-Bags

Abbygail F. Pialago, Michael E. Piang, and

Ma. Dulce C. Guillena Jose of the Rizal Memorial State

University, Katipunan Campus

Second Runner-up

Duo Vapor Exterminator: Organic Mosquito Killer

Aljihad M. Alimbunos, Van Xyrus Glein A. Dumajel, and Hannah Marie I.

Buentipo of Marian College, Inc. Zamboanga



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