by Jund Rian A. Doringo

Due to the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic which crippled the global economies in 2020 that can still be felt today, the 2021 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE) has extended further the deadline for call of entries and the changed the dates of the conduct of the event.

Implemented by the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-TAPI), RICE is a nationwide activity which recognizes the indispensability of Filipino inventors and researchers for contributing to national development.

The second 2021 RICE Virtual Call for Entries on 16 June 2021 revealed the extensions and suspensions to ease the submission of entries

Through a form of a healthy competition, RICE looks for the outstanding inventions, utility models, industrial designs, creative researches, and student creative researches across the regions.

“The winners of each category wil represent their region to the National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE) that will be conducted in 2022,” said Florisa Mae A. Ilagan, RICE Program Manager.

Local inventors and researchers are competing for cash prizes, certificate of recognitions, and bragging rights as champions in their respective regions.

“Due to the current restrictions brought by COVID-19, such as physical transportation and social gatherings, we have extended and changed the deadlines and conduct of the events, respectively, to provide ample time for our inventors and researchers to submit their entries,” added Ilagan.

Aside from the extensions of the deadline, the 2021 RICE has also suspended the submission of some of the documentary requirements for easier compliance among inventors and researchers.

One of the three suspensions is the submission of hard copies. Entries submitted online are considered official entries for the 2021 RICE.

Second, suspension on the submission of original copies of forms, waivers, and certifications which are signed and notarized. Scanned signatures or e-signatures of the participants on the documentary participants are accepted considering that the email address used in submitting the entries is the participants’.

Lastly, suspension on the submission of a certificate of employment or affiliation as an alternative to the certificate of residency. Participants may submit a certification signifying their affiliation to the school or institution that they represent as a substitute for the certificate of residency.

“With the current extensions and changes made for the 2021 RICE, we hope to receive more entries in the coming months,” said Nora P. Gumia, Chief Science Research Specialist of DOST-TAPI.

For the updated deadlines and schedules of the 2021 RICE, please refer to the table below:




Call for Entries Deadline



30 July

10-12 August 2021


27 June

25-27 August 2021


30 June

07-09 September 2021


13 July

14-16 September 2021


06 August

21-23 September 2021


30 July

27-29 September 2021


10 May

04-06 October 2021


31 August

05-07 October 2021


01 August

12-14 October 2021


30 July

19-21 October 2021


30 July

26-28 October 2021


30 July

03-05 November 2021


03 October

16-18 November 2021


30 June

01-03 December 2021


03 October

07-09 December 2021


06 September

Submission of entries can be accessed through this link: