Four inventions lead 2017 for enterprise development

In 2017, four inventions were granted financial assistance for commercialization and pilot production under the Invention-Based Enterprises Development (IBED) Program by the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-TAPI).

IBED supports inventors in building business enterprise making their inventions accessible and available to the market as they become an emerging inventor-entrepreneur.

Mosquito larvicide, groove perforated carburetor nozzle, cylinder masonry breaker, and green eco-toilet system are among the notable inventions that have accepted support from the Program.

Mosquito Larvicide

The Mosquito Larvicide containing calcium hydroxide and clinoptilolite (MYKL Kiti-KitiX) kills mosquito larvae and controls the emergence of adult mosquito which acts as a disease carrier.

Developed by Mr. Lyle Christian R. Herbosa, the MYKL Kiti-KitiX was proven effective in killing dengue-carrying mosquitoes by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), University of the Philippines, Los Baños – Center for Health Development (UPLB-CHD), and Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI).

The Program has financed the acquisition of packaging and raw materials for the production of 175 bags of MYKL Kiti-KitiX which can help reduce the prevalence of dengue in the country.

Groove Perforated Carburetor Nozzle

Hailed as the do-it-yourself (DIY) upgrade for current motorcycle carburetors, the Grooved Perforated Nozzle can be installed without altering the engine’s internal mechanism.

“It produces less greenhouse effects due to a cleaner burning fuel charge and lesser gasoline usage, faster throttle response, faster revving engine, minimized hard starting during cold engine starts, and less fueling up of spark plug” said Mr. Rommel B. Bernardo, inventor of the nozzle.

IBED has provided assistance for the invention’s procurement of raw materials to pilot produce 100 units.


Groove perforated carburetor nozzle

Cylinder Masonry Breaker

The Cylinder Masonry Breaker or the “Pinoy Jackhammer” is a pneumatic tool that combines directly with a chisel but does not require electricity or fuel to function making the invention accessible, low-maintenance, and environment-friendly.

The breaker invented by Mr. Joel C. Miguel, has big potential in the market especially among disaster risk reduction and management programs in the country.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) of the Department of National Defense had expressed their interest in purchasing the “Pinoy Jackhammer” for rescue operations and demonstration purposes during earthquake drills.

With IBED’s assistance, the inventor was able to produce 20 units of Pinoy Jackhammer.

Green Eco-Toilet System (GETS)

The Green Eco-Toilet System (GETS) is a water-saving piping system for toilet and bathroom units which recycles and reuses wastewater from showers and lavatory.

“The invention is relevant to the pail-and-dipper pouring system of the Filipino culture as the water used for showering is reused for toilet flushing,” said Mr. Daniel Camacho, inventor of GETS.

IBED’s financial assistance covered for the cost of the purchase of raw materials in producing twenty-five (25) units of GETS.

The invention won First Prize in the DOST-TAPI’s National Invention Contest and Exhibit (NICE) for the Utility Model Category in 2016.

A total of 40 inventions were received by the Program requesting for assistance however, only 6 requests complied with IBED’s requirements.

Moreover, 2 of the 6 complying requests have been endorsed for testing and analysis prior to commercialization.

“It is important for inventors to comply fully with the requirements for them to benefit from the Program,” said Mechelle D. Balboa, Program Manager of IBED.

The eligibility requirements can be accessed on

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