10 Aquaculture Farms in Region XII got P401,600 Assistance from DOST-TAPI


Ten (10) aquaculture farms in Lebak, Sultan, Kudarat and Kiamba, Saranggani Province received P401,600 worth of assistance covering provision of productivity consultancy services from the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) through its TAPI-GIA 2015 under the Consultancy for Agricultural and Manufacturing Productivity (CAMPI) Program. The financial assistance covers the consultancy services for Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP) and its alignment to Fish Pond Registration/Grow-Out Facility Certification. These aquaculture farms were assisted by Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program (CAPE) being implemented by DOST-XII in CY 2013-CY 2014.

The farm beneficiaries are into milkfish, mudcrab and tilapia farming until after the introduction of vannamei culture by Prof. Arlyn Mandas, Professor, Department of Fisheries, MSU-GenSan and Consultant, ABAM Consultancy Services in CY 2014.pix2pix3

Ms. Rosemarie L. Olaer, SR. SRS and Program Manager, CAMPI together with Prof. Mandas conducted program orientation and aquaculture farm visit last 01-03 February 2015 for ten (10) farms in Sultan Kudarat and Saranggani Province. According to Ms. Olaer, coverage of assistance as explained by Prof. Mandas include: package schemes for the farms to comply with the requirements for registration/certification, provide focused approach to adapt the best aquaculture practices as part of the criteria of BFAR/accrediting agency, technical assistance in providing appropriate forms for systematic and precise water quality monitoring/periodic sampling and activity documentation/record-keeping/implementation of bio-security measures to control the
entry and spread of diseases, water discharge and sludge/effluent management./sourcing for specific pathogen-free seed-stock, and produce a site-specific technical manual per farm to include all the standard operating procedures finalized based on the criteria for certification.





Norphil Healthy Foods Corporation


Norphil Healthy Foods Corporation was incorporated in 2009 and owned by Ms. Elaine VanezzaCollado. The Company was established to manufacture and market food products which include Nutricol Fruit Juice Drink (Apple and Orange 200 mL stand-up pouch). The products were initially distributed to Regions 1&2, and eventually expanded to Regions 3 & 4. The Company's processing plant is strategically located in Sta. Maria, Lal-lo, Cagayan in order to take advantage of the very high agricultural productivity of Cagayan that would provide a secured year round supply of raw materials and the northeastern seaboard's infrastructure that would provide easy access to export markets on a longer term. Another reason why the processing plant is located in this place is to bring development to this area as there are no other people or organizations that are engaged in this kind of business inspite of its very robust agricultural potential.


The company aims a world class quality food products which are manufactured by the country’s big and leading Food and Beverage manufacturing companies in terms of their quality, manufacturing and marketing strategies. Thus, the consumer preference and food safety are two of the driving factors of the firm to pursue standardization and compliance in all aspects of their operations.

CAMPI interventions through the Technology Plus Products Consultancy include: cGMP and SSOP seminars to staff & management, documentation of Food Safety Manual (Policies, Organizational Structure and Work Instruction), improvement in the process flow in cooling and batching, warehouse layout, and sanitary facilities and overall operations.

norphil3During the project monitoring visit conducted by Ms, Rosemarie Olaer, Program Manager, CAMPI together with Dr. TeresitaTabaog, PSTD-Cagayan in August 2015, Ms. Collado is happy to inform the team that their License to Operate (LTO) with FDA-0070218 was issued in June 2015. She reiterated that TPPSC Consultants through CAMPI is a big help in the issuance of their LTO and continuously aligning their plant for GMP Certification. Food Development Center (FDC) has conducted assessment in November 2015 to be followed by unannounced visit in January 2016 for GMP Certification. Additional investment incurred in the improvement of structure and warehouse amounted to P1.5M while upgrading of filling machine increased its production and sales by 80%. The firm now has 22 cooking batches per day producing 120 boxes of stand-up pouch juices per batch. (by Rosemarie L. Olaer/Rhoalyn De La Rosa)

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