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  • 2017-09-25
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  • date time
    2017-09-25 09:34:47
  • Science Research Specialist II
  • 1
  • Contractual
  • Investment and Business Operations Division
  • P36,052.80
  • December 2017 (subject to renewal)
  • Qualifications
    •Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job preferably Marketing;
    •Preferably with experience in marketing and promotional activities; and
    •Willing to travel.
  • Duties and responsibilities
    1. Facilitate advertisement/promotion of DOST-generated/funded technologies through tri-media and social media.
    2. Market DOST-generated/funded technologies and other services.
    3. Prepare and maintain database of clients and reports of the conducted Technology Transfer Day and other commercialization efforts.
    4. Assist in the implementation of the project such as, but not limited to:
        a. Pre-event activities and preparation; and
        b. Coordinate meetings for the collaboration of TAPI, DOST Regional Offices with possible partners.

  • Qualified and interested applicants may apply personally and submit the following documents to the Personnel Section, TAPI not later than October 4, 2017:

    1. Application letter addressed to the TAPI Director: Engr. Edgar I. Garcia

    2. Personal Data Sheet

    3. Certified copy of Transcript of Records and Diploma

    4. Certificate of Eligibility/License if available

    5. Clearance from previous employment if available

    6. Certification of good moral character

    7. NBI Clearance

IMPORTANT: Please note that incomplete requirements will not be considered for screening.

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