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  • 2017-09-25
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    2017-09-25 09:40:22
  • Science Research Specialist II
  • 1
  • Contractual
  • Investment and Business Operations Division
  • P36,052.80
  • December 2017 (subject to renewal)
  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job preferably Multi Media Arts related courses;
    • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After Effects) and Autodesk Maya;
    • Preferably with related experience in production;
    • Willing to travel; and
    • Portfolio or sample works will be requested and used for evaluation.

  • Duties and responsibilities
    1. Develop promotional collaterals (photo, video, presentations, flyers and the like) of DOST-generated/ funded technologies ready for commercialization.
    2. Conduct video/photo shoot, direct, edit, render and accomplish other related media production tasks.
    3. Assist in the implementation of the project such as, but not limited to:
        a. Pre-event activities and actual conduct of Technology Transfer Day; and
        b. Coordinate meetings for the collaboration of TAPI, DOST Regional Offices and possible partners.

  • Qualified and interested applicants may apply personally and submit the following documents to the Personnel Section, TAPI not later than October 4, 2017:

    1. Application letter addressed to the TAPI Director: Engr. Edgar I. Garcia

    2. Personal Data Sheet

    3. Certified copy of Transcript of Records and Diploma

    4. Certificate of Eligibility/License if available

    5. Clearance from previous employment if available

    6. Certification of good moral character

    7. NBI Clearance

IMPORTANT: Please note that incomplete requirements will not be considered for screening.

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