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  • 2017-12-19
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    2017-12-21 13:24:57
  • Administrative Officer II
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  • Permanent
  • Finance and Administrative Division
  • SG-11
    • Education: Bachelor's Degree relevant to the job
    • Experience: None required
    • Training: None required
    • Eligibility: Career Service Professional

    Additional Requirements:

    • Experience in government budgeting system would be an advantage

    Competencies Required:

    1. Basic Fiscal Planning and Budget Allocation
    2. Preparation of Budget Plans
    3. Implementation of Budget Execution
    4. Attention to Details
    5. Flexibility
    6. Professionalism
  • Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Prepares Obligation Request and Status (ORS)
    2. Records and assigns control numbers by funding source in the logbook (General Fund, Trust Accounts)
    3. Maintains Status of Obligation (Box C of Appendix 11) of the ORS (Subsidiary ledger for Obligations) and records all changes including adjustments made in the transaction based on the issuance of Notice of Obligation Request and Status (NORSA) by the Accounting Unit.
    4. Summarizes balances every month and records in the Registry of Allotment, Obligations and Disbursements (RAOD)
    5. Maintains Registry of Budget Utilization and Disbursement for Personnel Services, Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses and Capital Outlay for Trust Accounts
    6. Encodes transaction in the E-budget system
    7. Assist in the regular routine and recurring administrative duties
  • Qualified and interested applicants may apply personally and submit the following documents to the Personnel Section, TAPI not later than 05 January 2018:

    1. Application letter addressed to the TAPI Director: Engr. Edgar I. Garcia

    2. Updated Personal Data Sheet with 2x2 recent ID picture

    3. Transcript of Records and Diploma

    4. Authenticated Certificate of Eligibility/Proof of Board results, if available

    5. Certificate of training

    6. Performance Rating for Two Rating Period, if applicable

    7. NBI Clearance

    8. Clearance from previous employment if applicable

IMPORTANT: Please note that incomplete requirements will not be considered for screening.

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