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  • 2018-07-06
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    2018-07-06 16:50:28
  • Science Research Specialist II
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  • Contractual
  • Invention Development Division
  • P38,118.00
  • 3 months (July - September 2018)
  • Project Title: Intellectual Property Rights Assistance for PCAARRD-funded Projects

    Preferred Qualifications:
    (1) Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in any S&T field.
    (2) Good moral character.
    (3) Willing to travel and to work on extended working hours at no additional compensation.
    (4) Innovative thinker and doer, with a drive to excel in a unique field of specialization.

    Desirable Qualifications:
    (1) Experience in project management.
    (2) Experience in dealing with experts and other relevant stakeholders.
    (3) Basic appreciation of intellectual property rights.

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    (1) Assist the Project Leader and Project Staff in the evaluation of requests and preparation of IP filings.
    (2) Engage the services of patent agents.
    (3) Prepare conforme letters and other documents relevant to IP filings
    (4) Coordinate with institutions/researchers regarding submission of conforme letters, invention disclosures and other documents needed for IP application for patent/UM, and industrial design.
    (5) Monitor the status of Contracted IP applications, such as but not limited to IP Service Provider and Patent Agent assignments, payment for the IP service provider/Patent Agent, types of IPs filed (patent, UM, ID), specific status of the IP applications in IPOPHL (i.e. under substantive examination, for publication, to be granted, to be withdrawn, certificate issued, etc.).
    (6) Engage/contract out the approved requests/technologies to IP service providers.
    (7) Monitor all the contracted technologies with the assigned patent agents (i.e., drafts should be prepared by the patent agent in 22 days per signed MOA), the activities per application (technologies filed in IPOPHL) and the payment to the patent agents
    (8) Serve as focal persons between client and patent agent-in charge, and between patent agent and IPOPHL
    (9) Maintain the file records per technology.
    (10) Ensure timely logs and compliance using IP Ware.
    (11) Assist in the updating of the IP Ware.
    (12) Prepare publicity materials for the project.
    (13) Accommodate walk-in, phone calls, email inquiries from clients.
    (14) Perform all tasks to be assigned by higher-ups from time to time.

  • Qualified and interested applicants may apply personally and submit the following documents to the Personnel Section, TAPI not later than July 16, 2018:

    1. Application letter addressed to the TAPI Director: Engr. Edgar I. Garcia

    2. Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form No. 212, Revised 2017)

    3. Certified copy of Transcript of Records and Diploma

    4. Certificate of Eligibility/License if available

    5. NBI Clearance

    Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be included in the interview.

IMPORTANT: Please note that incomplete requirements will not be considered for screening.

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