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Program Title No. of male
No. of female
VFP ( 10 )
VFP Productivity Improvement through Direct Material Purchase - Guaranfoods Manufacturing Corporation 1 0
VFP Purchase Order Financing for Endurance Technology Corporation 1 0
VFP Production and Commercialization of Rice - Mango Curls and instant Blend Baby Food 1 0
VFP Purchase Order Financing for Detalia Aurora, Inc. - Phase II 1 0
VFP Calabash bowl Production 1 0
VFP Purchase Order Financing for Jamerika Enterprises INC. 1 0
VFP Upgrading the Micropropagation Capability of Masikhay Microplants Nursery 1 0
VFP TAPI Purchase Order Financing for John N' Mico Food Products 0 1
VFP Purchase Order Financing for PhilTech Boat Designs and Fabrications 1 0
VFP Expansion of Production Facility by Essential Fine Foods, Inc. 0 1
Total :: 10
Total :: 5

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