Inventors' Organization Accreditation

The Inventors’ Organization Accreditation Program aims to accredit and recognize inventors' organizations comprising of relatively an equal number of men and women, throughout their activities pursuant to Section 8.b, Article IV of RA No. 7459 and provide incentives to accredited inventors ‘organization.

The Inventors’ Organization Accreditation Program provides recognition and incentives to accredited inventors’ organizations.

1. To accredit inventors’ organization in preparation towards the recognition of an umbrella organization by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as required by law.

2. To accredit inventors’ organization to define the legitimacy of the inventors’ organization.

3. To accredit inventors’ organization to avail and enjoy certain privileges and benefits, such as but not limited to the following:

     3.1 Issue certification for inventor-member applying for tax exemptions;

     3.2 Receive financial assistance during NIW for exhibits and booths;

     3.3 Join any scheduled accredited inventors ‘organization assembly;

     3.4 Receive incentive in the form of financial assistance to implement projects for the benefit of the organization and its members.

The accreditation criteria for Inventors’ organizations are hereby prescribed as follows:

3.1 The organization must have a de jure (in law) or de facto (in fact) existence for at least one (1) year;

3.2 It must have at least three (3) members with active Patent/ Utility Model/ Industrial Design registration;

3.3 The members whose Patent/ Utility Model/ Industrial Design registration are submitted for criteria no. 2 can no longer be used by another inventors’ organization where they may also belong in applying for accreditation; and

3.4 No male and female member can be elected Officer and/or hold key position in more than one organization at the same time except for their own umbrella organizations.

Documentary Requirements:

1. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of duly signed letter of request/application for accreditation to be submitted to TAPI;

2. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of SEC/CDA registration papers if any or from any government regulatory body (e.g. DOLE, DTI, etc.);

3. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of Patent/ Utility Model/ Industrial Design registration of at least three (3) members;

4. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of duly signed letter of consent from the three (3) members allowing the organization to use their Patent/ Utility Model/ Industrial Design registration for the application;

5. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of Affidavit under oath that all submitted documents, facts and information are true, correct and not falsified (Omnibus Sworn Statement);

6. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of duly accomplished Roster of active male and female members to include information on:

a. Name of member

b. Residence Address, Tel./Cellphone no.

c. Office Address, Tel./Cellphone no.

d. Title of invention

e. Patent/ Utility Model/ Industrial Design No./s

f. Date Granted;

7. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of original Barangay Certification of organization’s existence;

8. One (1) photocopy/scanned of supporting documents showing proof of inventor-related organization’s activities;

9. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of duly accomplished Organizational Profile; and

10. One (1) photocopy/scanned copy of duly executed Data Privacy Consent Form

The incentive referred to in this Guidelines comes in the form of a financial grant in the maximum amount of one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) per accredited inventor’s organization per year, subject to availability of funds, existing budgeting, and accounting and auditing laws, rules, and regulations, to be released to the beneficiary subject to the evaluation and approval of TAPI and only upon satisfying all of the following:

5.1 The proposed activity could stimulate creativity and innovativeness of the inventors/members of the organization; and which is NOT yet covered by any existing programs of TAPI;

5.2 The amount of grant shall be utilized for the conduct of only one activity per year to be co-implemented by at least five (5) but not more than ten (10) members of the organization; Provided that, if an activity is repeated, the same should be co-implemented by a different set of inventor-member;

5.3 A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between TAPI and the Accredited Inventor’s Organization shall be executed for the grant; and

5.4 All previous incentives are fully liquidated.

Endorsement letter signed by the President of an accredited inventors' organization of which includes the Proposal and Canvass following the format in ANNEXES "G" and "H" of this Guidelines.

Inventors’ organization with active accreditation status with TAPI may avail of this incentive.

The accredited inventors’ organization of this incentive is expected to issue an official receipt (OR) upon receipt of the incentive and submit a financial report and a completion report emphasizing the improvements done and the progress with respect to the proposal submitted to liquidate the incentive given.  Further, the completion report must highlight at least ONE of the following when applicable:

1. Increase in the number of ideas/concept and/or IP applications filed by the implementors;

2. Number of prototypes produced;

3. List of publications made;

4. Number of products produced and are being promoted;

5. Places where products are being promoted;

6. Number of implementors of the assistance; and

7. Policies/protocols being formulated as a result of the assistance provided.

Renewal of accreditation shall be made three (3) years from the date of     issuance of accreditation.  Request for renewal must be submitted to TAPI   three (3) months before expiration.

Rizalñino L. Noble

Program Manager, Legal Assistant III

Telephone Number: local 2162

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