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Technology Information and Promotion Division

TIPD is the division that promotes DOST’s key technological innovation strategies. It has a wide range of programs designed to raise the level of awareness of various clients in the areas of technology application and utilization. These programs are:

  1. Science and Technology Application in Rural Development (STARDev) Assistance Program - Aims to harness the country’s scientific and technological capabilities to spur economic growth and development by providing funds to fast track the transfer, adoption, utilization of developed technologies. Likewise the program will provide opportunity to test the product’s feasibility in the industry, to generate market interest and to acquire information from concerned and potential group of customers and/or adoptors. Moreover, this program aims to increase accessibility of viable technologies especially for the establishment of livelihood projects in the rural areas or marginalized community.
  2. Technology Investment Forum and Training (TIFT) Program - Aims to promote and hasten technology transfer and commercialization by providing skills upgrading activity to entrepreneurs, industry specialists, inventors and academe on technology-based undertaking.
  3. Institutional Support for Trade and Exhibitions of DOST Technologies and Services - Serves as an excellent platform for the dissemination, sharing and exchanging of information and ideas involving S&T development for the benefit of various sectors. It also provides a venue for highlighting the accomplishments of scientists, inventors and researchers, and facilitates technology commercialization/adoption.
  4. Promotion Materials Assistance Program (PMAP) - Grants financial support for the printing of promotional materials on technologies, inventions, and innovations of DOST-attached agencies, other government institutions, private firms, and individual technology generators, inventors or innovators. Funding assistance is provided for the production of any of the following: a) 1,000 copies of promotional materials either a single sheet brochure or a single sheet flyer/leaflet; b) 2 pcs. 3’ x 6’ size tarpaulins; and 3) 1,000 pcs. of package labels.
  5. Technology Innovation and Commercialization (TECHNICOM) - Provides development support to interested proponent with commercially-viable projects. Through financial and technical assistance, the program aims to fast track the transfer and commercialization of research results.


Investment and Business Operations Division

IBOD is a division of TAPI tasked to advance the application of new technolo-gies in industries, communities and the academe by providing financial support and business operations improvement services. IBOD’s programs are as follows:

  1. Venture Financing Program (VFP) - Accelerates the initial commercialization of emerging and new technologies developed by the S&T community by providing the necessary funding support to micro, small and medium (mSMEs) for capacity building of seed, start-up and scale-up projects.
  2. DOST-Academe Technology-Based Enterprise Development (DATBED) Program - Develops entrepreneurial competencies among students in selected academic institutions. DATBED supports income generating projects with technological innovation that are not yet tested in the market but with market potential and technically viable when commercialized. The Program is divided into two stages: Stage I wherein the students are train in enterprise development by providing them financial assistance for the establishment of technology-based enterprises; and Stage II wherein Stage I DATBED graduate beneficiaries are  provided seed fund for the commercialization of their technology-based projects.
  3. Consultancy for Agricultural and Manufacturing Productivity Improvement (CAMPI) Level-Up Program - Provides consultancy services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to attain higher productivity through the identification and installation of productivity improvement strategies in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors throughout the country. CAMPI is a level-up strategy that provides focused S&T consultancy intervention/s to SMEs.


Invention Development Division

IDD is mainly responsible for providing assistance to Filipino inventors by upholding the intellectual property system as well as the business development of inventions and technologies. IDD’s activities are embodied in the following programs:

  1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Assistance Program - Protection of intellectual property is a crucial preliminary step in technology transfer and commercialization. TAPI provides assistance in patent consultation and provides grants for the payment of Patent Agents and IPO’s fees.
  2. Industry-based Invention Development (IBID) Program - Supports the development of viable inventions through its application and adaption to existing industry practices.  TAPI supports the production of the first working model of the invention to be installed in the actual operations of a firm. The collaborative undertaking among TAPI, the inventor and the industrial enterprise involves testing, debugging and other refinements for the invention as placed in a real working environment.
  3. Invention-based Enterprise Development (IBED) Program - A follow-through activity to push and transform innovations into a technology enterprise. It covers pilot production, field/market testing and formulation of systems and procedures in preparation for a larger production scale. It aims to build the capabilities of inventors to create businesses out of their inventions.
  4. Invent School Program (ISP) - Involves the conduct of a two-day seminar/workshop for high school and college students and out-of-school youth in cooperation with inventors’ groups, LGUs and NGOs to stimulate students’ interest in creativity and inventiveness and create awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Protection. The program provides an opportunity for students/OSY not only to develop their creativity and potentials but also to awaken their true ingenuity, leading to the development of devices and processes that will become their enterprises. ISP serves as a starting ground for young Filipino inventors in the field of inventing and entrepreneurship.
  5. Testing and Analysis Assistance Program - Aims to assist technologists, inventors and researchers avail of the laboratories and facilities of Research and Development Institutes (RDIs), including regional offices and other government agencies, offices and instrumentalities.
  6. Tax Exemption Assistance Program - Assists inventors seeking tax and duty exemption privileges with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Department of Finance (DOF) as provided for in R.A. No. 7459. TAPI as Screening Committee Secretariat facilitates the evaluation of the Screening Committee of R.A. No. 7459.
  7. National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE) - TAPI's NICE activity is in recognition of the indispensability of the Filipino inventors in Philippines society and in the landscape of national economic development. The Filipino inventors’ ingenuity and creativity are harnessed through comprehensive and strategic technical and financial support for the development of their inventions/innovations as stipulated in Republic Act No. 7459, also known as “Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of the Philippines”.

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