Marketing Assistance Program (MAP)

The Marketing Assistance Program provides a more focused approach in the formulation, development, and implementation of marketing strategies of DOST-TAPI supported, generated, assisted, or funded technologies intended for its target market.

To qualify for the program, the applicant must:

  1. Be a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines. A Filipino citizen must be a natural born or naturalized citizen in accordance with the Philippine law and those who have dual citizenship under RA No. 9225;
  2. Be involved in the commercialization of technologies, inventions, and S&T-related activities;
  3. Have no outstanding obligations or unliquidated account with DOST and its agencies and must not have been found guilty of an administrative or criminal case, including under those under appeal; and
  4. Have not received marketing assistance from DOST-TAPI or other government agencies similar to the assistance mentioned in the Coverage below for the technology to be marketed at the time of request for assistance.

The Program covers technical and financial assistance that will assist in market penetration of supported, generated, assisted, or funded by DOST TAPI. Specifically, the Program offers the following assistance:

  • Technical Assistance
    1. Conduct of Preliminary Market Research;
    2. Development of Market Intelligence Data or Report. These may be generated thru third (3rd) party consultancy services, partnerships with other agencies, or through the MAP unit's access to online market database.
    3. Development of Marketing Plan;
    4. Development of Marketing Collaterals (print or digital). Printed collaterals may include but are not limited to flyers, brochures, magazines, catalogs, etc. while digital collaterals may include but are not limited to AVPs, social media cards, emails, etc. The development of promotional collaterals may be done through the MAP unit, collaboration or partnership with other TIPD units, or procurement of contracted work; and
    5. Implementation of other marketing strategies as may be identified by DOST-TAPI

Only technologies funded, generated, or supported in the technology development phase by DOST-TAPI and with a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model shall be covered by this assistance.

Each proponent is limited to availing of this assistance only once in a year per technology.

General Checklist of requirements

  1. Request letter to avail of the assistance
  2. Duly accomplished Technology Profile Form

The form requests information such as

  1. Technical description of the technology
  2. Current stage of development of the technology
  3. Certification that the technology was assisted in its technology development phase as well as the Coverage of assistance provided by the DOST-TAPI
  4. Current development stage of the business marketing the technology, if applicable
  1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certificate of Product Registration, if applicable
  2. Bureau of Philippine Standards Product Certification, if applicable

You may click this link to access the Technology Profile Form: (CLICK HERE)

The submission of request for assistance is open year-round subject to the availability of funds.