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Technology Information and Promotion Division

TIPD is the division that promotes DOST’s key technological innovation strategies. It has a wide range of programs designed to raise the level of awareness of various clients in the areas of technology application and utilization. These programs are:

  1. Academe/Industry Prototype Development Assistance Program - provides financial support for the fabrication and testing of commercial prototypes in order to shorten the interval between the development stage and actual use of available technologies.
  2. DOST Expositions and Fairs Program - serves as an excellent platform for the multisectoral dissemination, sharing and exchange of scientific and technological ideas and information including recognition for exhibits and exhibit materials such as product/technology displays, publications, and other promotional items.
  3. Technology-Based Enterprise Development Assistance Program - aims to boost the country’s technology-based enterprises by giving financial and technical assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the areas of setting up and operation of pilot ventures.
  4. Investors’ Forum Program - seeks to convert technology-based opportunities into actual business investments by bringing together technology generators and potential investors to discuss possible new business ventures.
  5. Promotion Materials Assistance Program - grants financial support for the preparation and publication of promotional materials such as brochures/ leaflets/ flyers and tarpaulins.
  6. DOST Technology Training Center (DTTC) Program - is envisioned to expedite technology transfer in the country by providing financial assistance in the preparation and conduct of technology training courses, development of training modules and production of self-learning videos on specific DOST technologies for the benefit of entrepreneurs, technical personnel from industries, inventors, educators and trainers.
  7. DOST Display and Exhibit Center (DEC)/ Business Assistance Center (BAC)
    1. The DEC acts as the permanent showroom presenting the DOST and attached agencies’ key programs and services through photo exhibits, prints, handouts and prototypes of the technologies on display.
    2. The BAC, on the other hand, serves as the clearinghouse for TAPI’s visitors, and a venue for one-on consultations between technology generators and potential users.


Investment and Business Operations Division

IBOD is a division of TAPI tasked to advance the application of new technolo-gies in industries, communities and the academe by providing financial support and business operations improvement services. IBOD’s programs are as follows:

  1. Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE) Program - aims to institutionalize effective farm management strategies to improve agricultural productivity. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) thru the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) provides consultancy teams to undertake productivity studies for qualified agri-based enterprises.
  2. Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program - assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector to attain higher productivity through improvements in the overall operation of the firm. The program fields productivity consultancy teams composed of industrial engineers and experts to undertake productivity consultancy services throughout the country.
  3. Venture Financing Program - aims to provide the impetus to push and accelerate the commercialization of new and emerging technologies/inventions by providing the necessary funding support to start-up and technology-based expansion projects. It shall determine and package the type of assistance needed for a particular technology to cover the wide spectrum of technology commercialization activities.
  4. Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program - DOST-Academe Technology-Based Enterprise Development (SETUP-DATBED) Program - aims to develop entrepreneurial competencies among students, young professionals including out of school youths in selected academic institutions and non-governmental organizations while at the same time creating income generating projects for the involved institutions. The Program will function as feeder program under DOST’s SET-UP in accelerating the establishment of the small-scale technology-based enterprises in the countryside.
  5. S&T Experts Volunteer Pool Program (STEVPP) - also supports DOST technology transfer efforts in the countryside by bringing scientists and technologists in the regions to conduct for cooperatives, local government units, non-government organizations, rural and urban communities, professionals, among others, technology-related short-term training courses on technology commercialization, technical capability development, productivity enhancement, skills upgrading and other forms of technical assistance.


Invention Development Division

IDD is mainly responsible for providing assistance to Filipino inventors by upholding the intellectual property system as well as the business development of inventions and technologies. IDD’s activities are embodied in the following programs:

  1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Assistance Program - provides assistance to Filipino inventors in securing intellectual property protection for their inventions and utility models. The assistance covers advisory/consultancy services and funding support for fees attendant to the preparation, filing and prosecution of applications for patent and utility model registration.
  2. Industry-based Invention Development (IBID) Program - funds inventions that have industrial application. It is implemented through a partnership between the inventor and a private enterprise. In this collaboration, the private firm finances the fabrication of one prototype of the invention that will undergo testing, debugging, and refining while it is being run in an actual industrial environment.
  3. Invention-based Enterprise Development (IBED) Program - aids an inventor in developing his or her invention into an enterprise commodity to make it available to the consumers by financing the pilot production including the purchase or fabrication of the equipment needed to manufacture the invented technologies.
  4. Invention Testing and Analysis Assistance Program - grants up to 50,000-peso fund to technologists, inventors and researchers to cover cost of laboratory services, analyses and performance testing available at the DOST, its R&D Institutes and regional offices, as well as other government agencies equipped with laboratory and testing facilities.
  5. Tax and Duty Exemption Invention Assistance Program - is related to RA 7459 in which inventors can apply for tax and duty exemptions privilege. Tax and duty exemptions are endorsed to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Department of Finance, respectively.
  6. National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE) - provides support to Filipino Inventors by bringing their inventions/innovations for public and potential investors’ appreciation and possible commercialization prospects. It serves as venue to stimulate and encourage inventiveness and ingenuity of the Filipino youth and other interested sectors of society. The main feature of the celebration is the National Invention Contest wherein talented Filipinos compete for awards and prizes in the six categories – the Outstanding Invention (Tuklas Award), Outstanding Utility Model, Outstanding Industrial Design, Outstanding Creative Research (Likha Award); and Outstanding Student Creative Research (Sibol Award) for High School and College Levels.
  7. Travel Assistance for Inventors - sponsors travel expenses of the National Invention Contest and Exhibits winners who wish to participate in international events. Exposure to these competitions abroad enhances technological capabilities while showcasing Filipino talent.
  8. Invention Guarantee Fund (IGF) - is another program for Filipino inventors who need help in jump-starting the commercial production of their patented inventions. IGF guarantees the loans of inventors provided by the government bank. The fund is now deposited at the Land Bank of the Philippines.
  9. Inventors’ Forum and the Inventors’ Consultation Program - are two avenues by which inventors can interact with other experts on various aspects of their inventions.
    1. One is through the Forum, wherein technology experts from DOST, government agencies, private sector and fellow inventors are invited to become panelists who shall evaluate, share ideas, or clarify some issues or problems that the inventors raise regarding their invention. This exchange provides a platform for product development and collaboration among the forum participants.
    2. The Consultation Program on the other hand, serves as a feedback mechanism for TAPI to know the various issues affecting inventors nationwide. The program carries out regional consultations, often dealing with industry problems; likely collaboration with the industry, academe and government organizations; and nature, procedure and range of assistance which can be extended to the inventors.
  10. Inventors Training and Invent School Programs
    1. The Inventors’ Training program subsidizes costs for training that are designed to strengthen inventors’ competence in the areas of Intellectual Property Protection, business policies and operations, Manufacturing, Research and Development (R&D), and Information Technology.
    2. The Invent School Program (ISP) designed mainly for the youth, creates awareness on Intellectual Property Protection and encourages creativity and innovation among students in public and private.

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