By: Elijah Espiritu

The Philippine Delegation with the Department of Science and Technology recently concluded the business-matching mission and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 participation last January 4-18, 2024. Culminating the activity, the delegates were able to cater to 105 visitors at the CES 2024, establish 7 partnerships, fulfill 11 successful business matching mission visits, and establish 21 linkages with various international tech industry players.

The CES 2024 celebrated its opening on January 9 with over 118,000 attendees enjoying the showcase of more than 4,300 exhibitors which include the participation of more than 1,400 startups from across the globe. The Philippine delegation were among the global science exhibitors officially opening their exhibit under the collaboration “The Philippine Pavilion”.

 The Philippine Pavilion showcased various Philippine technologies and facilities at the CES 2024. With the showcase generating inquiry and interest in its display, the event culminated with the pavilion garnering a total of 105 visitors that expressed interest in knowing more about the services of the Philippines further in the future.


The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), alongside the agencies and representatives of the Department of Trade Industry (DTI), the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and the Semiconductor & Electronics Industries in the Philippines Inc. (SEIPI) established 7 collaboration opportunities with industry players from around the globe during their showcase at Silicon Valley.

  • The DOST Delegation through the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) has received a prestigious invitation from foreign country to participate in an international event/ exhibition such as the World Smart Sustainable Cities Org.- Republic of Korea and ICT Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey to showcase and present the Philippines facilities, technologies and products
  • DOST -TAPI also received an initial communication from a foreign company expressing their interest in future collaboration on tools for education and STEM from Helsel Co. Ltd. and Steven Nathasingh , Managing Director, VAXA CVC on start-up initiatives
  • The DOST delegation had a great discussion with NEX a leading Philippine-based company, recently participated in the CES2024 showcased its innovative products and services, highlighting its expertise in 3D print. DOST’s Metals Industry Research and Development Center is confident that the discussion /connection will lead to potential partnership/collaboration.
  • DOST-TAPI forged partnership with Airspeed International Corporation-Services at CES 2024 to handle all the shipping needs of the exhibition materials showcased during the event.
  • The DOST delegation is proud to announce the support of the Philippine Consulates in Los Angeles and San Francisco to the Philippine Delegation particularly the Department of Science and Technology and its initiatives as they recognized the crucial role of science, technology and innovation in driving economic development and enhancing the quality of life of the peopl

With the culmination of the CES 2024, the Philippine delegation continued their business matching mission which reported 11 successful visits and showcases at various technology hubs in Silicon Valley, California. The fulfillment of the objectives opened potential investment and collaboration opportunities with Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, Las Vegas Fireside Chat, Western Digital Corporation, IBM Research - Almaden, Plug and Play Tech Center, Atom Computing, Center for Coherent Sciences, Autodesk, Mind the Bridge - Venture Capital, Dynamico Space, and the Philippine Consulate - Los Angeles.

The business-matching missions enabled the Philippine delegation to penetrate the international tech industry market network by establishing a network of 21 linkages with the tech industry players in Silicon Valley that showed interest in partnering with the Philippines for future projects. The delegates were able to establish their connections with the industry giants from Western Digital, IBM, APAC (Plug and Play) Philippines, Atom Computing, Autodesk, Mind the Bridge, Q-Ctrl, University of California - Berkeley, and the Philippine Consulate - Los Angeles and San Francisco.


With the continuous effort from the team, they flew from Las Vegas to San Francisco where they continued their business mission/company visits by meeting and discussing with multiple potential partners.

  1. Plug and Play
  • Plug and Play plays a pivotal role in cultivating an ecosystem conducive to advancing cutting-edge technology. They are recognized as a leading accelerator, actively spearheading initiatives such as the Horizon Philippines Program. This program aims to elevate the country's startup landscape, propelling economic growth forward.
  • Plug and Play’s “Horizon Philippines Program” is expected to follow the accelerator program model:
    • Intensive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.
    • Investment readiness training and access to potential investors.
    • Collaboration opportunities with corporate partners and other startups.
    • Global exposure and networking opportunities through Plug and Play's international network.
    • The duration of these programs typically ranges from 3 to 6 months.
  1. IBM Almaden
  • The Philippine business delegation received a comprehensive overview of quantum computing's potential from Bulent Kurdi. Following this, Jamie Garcia introduced IBM's latest achievement, Condor, which features more than 1000 logical qubits. Emphasizing its advancements in error resistance, Garcia also highlighted the availability of skill development resources through IBM's online platforms and their paid quantum network program.
  1. Atom Computing
  • The Philippine Delegation visited a cutting-edge quantum computing manufacturing company to witness the unveiling of Atom Computing's latest advancements in quantum technology. Diverging from IBM's superconducting qubits, Atom Computing utilizes optically-trapped neutral atoms for qubits, showcasing impressive coherence times lasting tens of seconds and offering scalability down to the atomic level. The delegation signaled their intent to participate in the 2024 beta release program, aiming to leverage Atom Computing's 1000-qubit system as a cloud service tailored for industry, academia, and government applications
  1. Dynamico Space
  • Located in Silicon Valley, this collaborative office environment supports Filipino startups by providing access to funding, mentorship, and opportunities for global expansion across various industries. Recognizing their pivotal role in addressing startup challenges, they organize programs such as pitch nights, accelerators, and Demo Days to facilitate connections between Filipino entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley.
  1. Mind The Bridge
  • The delegation delved into Mind the Bridge's AI-driven platform, which enables startups to discover ongoing corporate Innovation Challenges, receive tailored notifications, and schedule individual meetings. Aligned with The Innovative Startup Act Council's commitment to actively seeking partnerships to enrich the Philippine startup ecosystem, this presents a pioneering avenue for enhancement.
  1. Western Digital
  • The Philippine delegation received a warm welcome from Mr. Cary Chief, Director and Senior Counsel, Government Affairs at Western Digital. Usec. Rafaelita Aldaba of DTI provided an overview of the department's embrace of technology from the 4th Industrial Revolution, stressing the importance of science, technology, and innovation for fostering creativity and producing new products and services. Additionally, Mr. Cary highlighted the significance of HDD as primary storage in databases and emphasized Western Digital's commitment to digitization and sustainability under the Philippine 4.IR initiative.
  1. Las Vegas Fireside Chat
  • At the Trade, Technology, Innovation, and Investment Forum, four Philippine government agencies, including DTI, DICT, DOST, and PEZA, underscored the country's readiness for trade and investment, particularly in electronics and manufacturing. Emphasizing sustainability and best practices, DTI highlighted the adoption of 4th industrial revolution technology to enhance global competitiveness, SME growth, and regional development. Additionally, Ed Machala, a seasoned entrepreneur with ventures in the Philippines like International Precision Assemblies, Inc. and G3D, supplemented the accessibility of investing and venturing in the Philippines by providing tips to ensure business survival and growth.
  1. Autodesk
  • The Philippines explores collaborations with Autodesk to drive the implementation of the Philippines Industry 4.0 pilot factory (I4PF), in line with the nation's Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy (i³S). This initiative aims to foster innovation and elevate global competitiveness across Philippine industries by integrating cutting-edge technologies like robotics, IoT, drones, and AR/VR. To realize this vision, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is partnering with technology firms to deploy advanced manufacturing equipment, including robotics, intelligent systems, and software solutions, with Autodesk playing a pivotal role in empowering product designers and engineers.
  1. University of California, Berkeley
  • During their visit, the delegation explored the Center for Quantum Coherent Science, housing the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Present and Future Quantum Computation, funded by a $25 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The institute aims to design advanced quantum computers, utilizing cutting-edge algorithms to tackle complex problems beyond the capabilities of traditional supercomputers.
  1.  Cedars-Sinai Accelerator
  • The Cedars-Sinai Accelerator in Los Angeles, California, empowers healthcare startups to bring innovative technology products to market, offering $100,000 in funding and mentorship from over 300 industry experts. By fostering collaboration and driving progress in healthcare, the accelerator program aims to enhance patient care and outcomes globally. The delegation hopes to be one of the beneficiaries to gain access to Cedars-Sinai's extensive network of clinicians, researchers, and mentors, receiving invaluable support to refine their products and secure funding for growth and market entry.

With the success of the 2024 business-matching missions, and CES, the delegates express their plans to undertake a much more elaborate set of business-matching mission objectives in preparation for the CES 2025 and its affiliated travels. The team looks forward to experiencing and benchmarking the future developments and trends of technology, particularly in Quantum Computing, Sustainable Technology, Seamless Human-Robot Collaboration, and Connected Ecosystems.