By: Elijah Espiritu

The Philippine delegation consisting of representatives from Department of Science and Technology (DOST), alongside the agencies and representatives of the Department of Trade Industry (DTI), the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and the Semiconductor & Electronics Industries in the Philippines Inc. (SEIPI) participated at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 as the “Philippine Pavilion” where they showcased the Philippine tech innovations, learned about the world tech trends, and benchmarked the international technology industry.

The “Philippine Pavilion” attended the presentations and talks from industry leaders and market watchers at the CES 2024 keynote speeches and roundtable presentations. CES offered technology topics that encompassed the behavior of the tech industry and its impact to the current and future generation.


The most notable topics during the event were on the subjects surrounding the following:

  1. “CES 2024 Trends to Watch”
  • This year's presentations featured the future impact of AI, sustainability, and inclusive tech design on sectors like mobility, digital health, and gaming. They added that the Gen Z's growing influence, especially in emerging markets, is driving innovation towards a greener and more inclusive future of technology.
  1. “How AI-Powered Strategies can Transform the Mobility Experience.”
  • The discussion centered on the potential impacts of AI in the automotive and transportation sector, led by moderator Randy Miller from EY, alongside industry experts Constantin M. Gall, Sabine Scheunert, and Damian Barnett. The panel delved into the transformative possibilities AI could bring to the industry, exploring how these changes might shape future innovations and business strategies.
  1. “Technology and AI Building a Sustainable, Secure, Superior Future.”
  • Global strategists Ketan Patel, Walton Stinson, and Glenn Gaffney explored the transformative potential of technology and AI in tackling significant global challenges and paving the way for a brighter future. Their discussion highlighted the "Force for Good: Technology Driving the Transition to a Superior Future" report as essential reading for leaders seeking strategic insight into the trajectory of our future.
  1. “The Future of Device Interaction in the age of AI”
  • Entering the era of generative AI, the advent of on-device generative AI stands to revolutionize our device interactions significantly. This continuous AI integration promises a user-experience characterized by enhanced naturalness, intuitiveness, relevance, and personalization, all while ensuring heightened immediacy, privacy, and security.
  1. “Innovation Policy Summit”
  • During this summit stakeholders voiced their optimism for regulatory frameworks fostering technology innovation, especially in AI. The Innovation Policy Summit brought together leading innovators and policymakers to address critical tech policy issues, including privacy, health innovation, trade policy, competition, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.
  1. “Bringing the Limitless Potential of AI Everywhere”
  • Executives from Intel Corporation, Ulta Beauty,, and Accenture described their utilization of advanced technologies to harness the potential of AI across various platforms, demonstrating a multi-modal GenAI prototype. This discussion highlighted their strategies for integrating AI from cloud to edge, emphasizing its versatility and applications.

Participation in the CES 2024 provided insight to the Philippine delegation in highlighting solutions for global challenges in technology application for the industries involving climate change, health, and A.I. integration. Aside from showcasing and networking, the pavilion prioritized information-seeking and benchmarking as a means to expand their knowledge on the international technology trends.

The forums and presentations also highlighted the trends of today’s technology industry in A.I. dominance, immersive experiences (Virtual/Augmented Realities), health and wellness (wearables, and smart home solutions), metaverse and Web3 (blockchain and metaverse hardware/software technologies), robotics and automation (automated delivery robots and agriculture technologies), gaming and entertainment (immersive and fitness gaming integrations), and personalized/connected experiences (smart home devices).

The delegation drafted potential developments in the future of tech trends for CES 2025. These include technologies surrounding quantum computing, sustainable technology solutions, seamless human-robot collaboration, and connected ecosystems.

As the success of the Philippine pavilion exceeds their targets for this year, the delegates plan on continuing this momentum by expressing their interest to attend the CES 2025 with better exhibit architecture, installations, and showcases. The plan for CES 2025 includes more efficient area usage, increase in size of exhibit elements, more interactive elements, integration of LED displays, visitor engagement   and addition of facilities to cater to visitor comfort.