By Mirielle Vacal

As a child, Ms. Charito Tranquilan-Aranilla was passionate about science, which motivated her to pursue her academic path in Chemisty.  She was later hired by the DOST-Philippine Nuclear Research Institute where she learned more about Nuclear Science, Radiation, Processing, and Technology.  Her stay at DOST-PNRI led her to develop the idea of the New Hemostat Technology which enhances the chance of survival of a person who is exposed to hemorrhage.  Hemorrhage secondary to trauma is the leading cause of death among Americans up to the age of forty-six (46) years old.  In 2000, the World Health Organization estimated that injury was responsible for 9% of the global mortality, and worldwide, it comprised 12% of the disease burden. Approximately 90% of injuries occur in low and middle-income nations; traffic accidents and violence contribute to high rates of fatal hemorrhages. 


“Uncontrolled hemorrhage remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide and we want to contribute a solution that will increase the chances of saving lives.” Ms. Charito Aranilla said in a press brief written interview. 

Bridging the Gap of the Philippines’ Emergency Health Interventions

It all started when one of the inventors met with a personnel from the defense sector, who expressed their concern about the lack of medical devices like hemostats in the country.  This meeting inspired the research team to develop something that could contribute to saving lives in emergency situations.

The team of DOST-PNRI worked tirelessly to develop hemostats made of natural materials that could be sterilized and made effective and safe for use through radiation technology.  The hemostat in granules was designed to be applied directly to the bleeding site, absorbing the fluid and forming a physical plug that stops the bleeding quickly.


The New Hemostat Technology filled a crucial gap in the healthcare, emergency response, and defense sectors, providing sustainable, accessible, and affordable biomedical devices for emergency health intervention.  The prototypes were based on natural and water-soluble polymers of plant origin, which was a significant departure from the majority of the commercially available hemostats that were based on marine animals. 


The granules exhibit a fast-clotting action without irritating the tissue, and do not cause a burning sensation on the skin, unlike mineral-based products.  Furthermore, the granules were less likely to be blown away by the wind than powder hemostats. 


With her invention, Ms. Aranilla hopes to make a significant impact in various sectors, such as healthcare, emergency and disaster response, defense, and even in the veterinary field.  Thanks to the team’s dedication and hard work, they were able to develop an innovative solution to a crucial problem in the medical field.  She believes that success means contributing a positive impact to society by developing functional and relevant technologies that will create wealth and protect the environment.

“My motivation comes from a strong desire to impart a positive impact on society and improve the lives of the Filipino by developing functional and relevant technologies for health, agriculture, and the environment that will create wealth, and protect the environment....Success also means contributing a positive impact on your organization or society and being an enabler of positive change through innovative technologies and initiatives.”  Ms. Charito Aranilla expressed her source of inspiration and what success means for her in a press brief written interview.

New Hemostat Technology flying again in the International Scene 

The New Hemostat Technology has won several awards from both national and international competitions.  It won the Likha Award in Outstanding Creative Research - Government-Funded at the 2022 National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE), and the Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) Best International Invention and Innovation Award.  The hemostat technology was also recognized by the Korea Invention Promotion Institute for Excellent Efforts in Creating an Invention and won the 2023 SIIF Gold Award. 


Photo retrieved from DOST’s website


The SIIF 2023 served as a platform for the Philippines to showcase its innovative technologies to the global market.  The Philippines is poised to play a more significant role in the global innovation landscape, with Pinoy technologies leading the way into a future defined by ingenuity and excellence. This April 17-21, 2024, Ms. Charito Aranilla is set to represent the Philippines once again in the international stage at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) at Switzerland, Geneva. 

“I feel grateful for the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest exhibitions of inventions in the world and proud to represent our inventions on another international platform... We will make use of this opportunity to network with investors, customers, and industry experts.  Building relationships with key stakeholders can lead to partnerships, funding opportunities, and valuable feedback for refining our invention.” expressed by Ms. Charito Aranilla as she sets herself again to the world stage. 

** This feature is a part of the "Shape the Future" campaign, highlighting nine Philippine inventions featured in the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) on April 17-21, 2023.  Competing for gold awards, these innovations also aim to promote local technologies for potential international technology transfer and commercialization.