Honing Innovations, Research, Agreements and Negotiations of the Government-Funded Technologies (HIRANG) 2.0 Program

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Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI)



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Technical Assistance

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Application is year-round

Submit through: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Program guidelines, project application templates, and other relevant documents can be found at this link.


The Program provides assistance through consultancy services, capacity building, and other forms of financial assistance to increase the investment readiness level of the spin-offs and startups of the DOST-generated and funded technologies.

Through HIRANG 2.0, we help technopreneurs build investor confidence in their business.

Eligible proponents for this program are the following:

    1. Spinoff companies of the DOST-RDIs*
    2. Technology generators, researchers, research teams, or technology transfer and business development officers (TTBDOs) from any of the DOST-RDls interested in putting up their own spin-off companies of DOST-RDI generated technologies

There should be 3 to 5 participants from each DOST-RDI.

*The DOST has seven Research and Development Institutes (RDIs), namely ASTI, FNRI, FPRDI, ITDI, MIRDC, PNRI, and PTRI.

The consultancy and mentoring activities will be done over three to four months, depending on the complexity of the topics. 

Beneficiaries will have to undergo and finish the courses included in the topics under these activities. These may include the following:

    1. Investment and Business Development Seminars
      • The activity aims to empower spinoffs, including technology generators, researchers, research teams, or technology transfer and business development officers (TTBDOs) of DOST-RDI generated technologies by providing general information knowledge about how to do business, business, business registration, licenses, and permits. Deepen awareness of the alternative sources of financing, investment readiness awareness, financial planning, etc.
    2. Assessment of Investment Readiness Level
      • Identify beneficiaries through a business needs assessment. The potential beneficiaries will be assessed based on the set IRL stage of business development.
    3. Consultancy Services
      • Identify the current status of the beneficiaries' intellectual property (IP) asset/s through an IP audit, identify IP-related problems, and generate IP-based solutions. 
      • IFormulate business model and/or assess the current status of the business model of the beneficiaries to streamline activities, improve value propositions, strengthen partnerships, and expand business operations.
    4. Mentoring
      • Based on the diagnosis of its investment readiness and the status of its IP and business strategies, the identification of more thorough consultancy assistance through mentoring will be provided in order to accelerate companies to become easier to sell to investors than those that are still at the ideas stage. 
    5. Business Portfolio Presentation Assessment and Review
      • The spinoffs including technology generators, researchers, research teams, or technology transfer and business development officers (TTBDOs) of DOST-RDI, are capacitated on the presentation of investment portfolios. The importance of knowing how to present an opportunity effectively to potential investors can be regarded as one specific aspect of being "investor-ready," as it requires an understanding of what (different types of) investors are looking for an opportunity and an ability to anticipate and address the concerns of investors.
    6. Investment Networking
      • Linkage between the businesses that have completed the program and potential investors will be the culmination of the assistance since the proponents will be connected to possible investors.  
    7. Negotiations and Licensing  
      • The Program also intends to facilitate negotiation and licensing activities with identified investors

The Investment Readiness Level (IRL) refers to an organization's ability to successfully participate in the social finance market. 

IRL Rating Scale

Key Indicators


Validated metrics

Standard metrics


Validated market and partner



Second prototype

Commercial prototype 


Validated revenue model

Financial projections/Revenue


Product-market fit 

Market Channels


Prototype / MVP

Sample working product


First pass business model

Business framework 


Market size competitive analysis

Market research 


Problem-solution fit

Customer Challenge

The Technology Readiness Level refers to a method of estimating the technology maturity of Critical Technology Elements (CTE) of a program during the acquisition process. 

TRL Rating Scale

Key Indicators

Actual technology is proven through successful deployment in operational setting

Fully commercial; Production fully operational


Actual technology completed and qualified through tests and demonstrations

Technology validation to meet requirements


Prototype ready for demonstration in an appropriate operational environment 

Prototype near / at final form; Field testing


System / subsystem model or prototype demonstration

Fully-functional prototype; Testing in high-fidelity setting


Component and / or validation in a simulated environment

Relevant environment testing; Rigorous lab testing


Component and / or validation in a laboratory environment

Bench-scale testing; component integration


Analytical and experimental critical function and / or proof of concept

Initial laboratory testing


Technology concept and / or application formulated

Application identified


Basic principles of concept observed and reported

Basic research

  1. The project proponent shall fill out an application form along with the complete requirements.
      1. Project proponents may also attend any of the scheduled TechnoBYAHE sessions, which are announced on DOST-TAPI's Facebook Page. A TechnoBYAHE session is DOST-TAPI's event to orient on its Technopreneurship Programs, including HIRANG 2.0.
  2. The project proponent may send a copy of the filled-out application form and the complete requirements via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive feedback on their application. The Applied Communications Unit for Non-inventors (ACU-n) shall provide feedback regarding the application’s and requirements' completeness.
      1. Project proponents may also send a draft to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a one-on-one consultation or writeshop session.
  3. The project proponent revises the application based on the ACU-n's feedback and completes the requirements if they are lacking.
  4. Once the application and requirements are complete, ACU-n forwards the submission to DOST-TAPI's Records Section at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. project proponent may directly submit to DOST-TAPI's Records Section without seeking ACU-n's feedback.
      1. The application processing officially begins once the submission is forwarded to DOST-TAPI's Records Section. DOST-TAPI's Records Section shall provide an acknowledgment receipt to the proponent once the submission is successfully forwarded to DOST-TAPI's Records Section. 
  5. The DOST-TAPI shall inform the project proponent, through the contact information provided, regarding the status of their application.
    1. Letter of Intent
    2. Application Form
    3. Line-Item Budget. Provide a detailed breakdown of the required fund assistance. Indicate the counterpart of the proponent and other fund sources. Also including letter/s of commitment from the implementing, collaborating, and coordinating agency/ies

Legal Documents

    1. Technology-Licensing Agreement (TLA) or MOA between technology generator and technology adopters*
    2. IP Documents/Patent Certificates, if applicable

Business Related Documents

    1. Mayor’s Permit 
    2. Business Permit 
      • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) registration for Sole-Proprietorship
      • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration for Corporations and Partnerships
    3. Audited Financial Statements for least one (1) year
    4. Projected Financial Statement for five (5) years (Statement of Financial Position, Income, and Cash Flow)

Other Related Documents

    1. Pictures of products and the company’s production area

*For adopters of DOST-generated technologies

The application shall be evaluated according to the following criteria. The weight of each criterion towards the final score is given as follows:

Technical Aspect – 20%
Business Management Aspect – 60%
Financial Aspect – 20%

Each criterion is rated from 1 to 5. The project should have an overall weighted average rate of at least three (3) to be considered for the final evaluation or endorsement for DOST-TAPI EXECOM* presentation.

*The DOST-TAPI EXECOM is composed of the DOST-TAPI Director, who facilitates the recommendation and approval of a project proposal/application, the Division Chiefs, and the Head of the Legal Unit.

The assistance covers the payment of the professional fees of consultants and experts that will conduct consultancy services, mentoring, and training for the qualified beneficiaries. 

The assistance may cover the additional cost for the production of samples amounting to not more than Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (₱250,000.00) per project*.

*To be offered for DOST-RDI GAA-funded technologies

Do you have a HIRANG 2.0 project idea but need help preparing an application or completing the requirements? Schedule a TechnoBYAHE Consultation or Writeshop! 

Just follow these steps:

      1. Prepare a draft proposal. Download the proposal form at this link.
      2. Register and schedule a date and time: 

REGISTER TechnoBYAHE Consultation or Writeshop 

Make sure to sign in to your Google/Gmail account. You will also need to upload your draft proposal in the registration form.

      1. Wait for an associate to contact you to confirm your schedule and provide the meeting details.

To schedule a TechnoBYAHE Consultation or Writeshop session for a group, please send a request letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The request letter should include the following details:

      1. Number of participants 
      2. Name and affiliation of the participants
      3. Technopreneurship Program being availed
      4. Draft proposals (as attachment)

For general inquiries about HIRANG 2.0, please contact:

DOST-TAPI Public Assistance Office
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. No.: 8837-2072 local 2153

For technical consultations that would require preparing a draft application form first (see How to Apply), you may contact the following:

Applied Communications Unit for Non-inventors (ACU-n)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. No.: 8837-2072 local 2157 / 2167