DOST laboratories and venture financing make a tandem for SMEs

While the nation and the rest of the world stand still in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the small and medium entrepreneurs (MSME) have been in the front line of business who are greatly affected by the ongoing pandemic.

To help SMEs rise above the challenge, the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-TAPI) offers assistance to local entrepreneurs that addresses their need to access laboratory and testing facilities, and acquire additional equipment to improve their operations and production.

One of which is the Strategic Promotion through Integrating Collaboration and Engagement of SMEs to Support the Technology Transfer and Commercialization of DOST-Developed Technologies including Testing Laboratories and Services or #SPICEStoDOSTLabS.

admatel labADMATEL offers advanced analytical equipment for failure analysis and materials characterization

DOST-TAPI Director Edgar I. Garcia said that in order for the stakeholders to commercialize their technologies, they would need assistance to fulfill initial research and development (R&D).

"We can help them improve their products and innovations through our world-class and state-of-the-art laboratory services of our Research and Development Institutes (RDI),” Garcia added.

DOST RDI laboratory services include failure analysis, materials characterization, proficiency testing, nutrigenomics, wood and wood products test, calibration and metrology, and metallurgical analysis, among others.

Particularly, the Advanced Device and Materials Laboratory (ADMATEL) of the Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) is equipped with advanced analytical equipment for failure analysis and materials characterization including surface and thermal analysis, sample preparation, and external visual inspection.

The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) offers chemical, microbiological, proficiency testing, biochemical, nutrigenomics, and sensory laboratories equipped with equipment and instruments in determining nutrition labeling, toxicants or contaminants, and food and water safety, among others.

Meanwhile, the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI) testing facility includes furniture, plywood, adhesive, housing and construction, and wood and wood products tests.

The Metals Industry Research and Development Center (DOST-MIRDC) testing facility includes chemical testing, calibration and metrology, corrosion testing, nondestructive testing, mechanical testing, and metallurgical analysis.

The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI) testing facility subsequently offers irradiation facility, radiation protection services, health physics, and isotope techniques.

Finally, the Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) offers physical and chemical testing and evaluation of fiber, yarn, fabric, and allied products, and textile processing.

Aside from the laboratory services, DOST-TAPI provides financial assistance for the fabrication or purchase of major equipment through the Venture Financing Program.

Many entrepreneurs have benefitted from the program and became successful in their own businesses.

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