By: Lawrence San Diego

In a remarkable display of Filipino innovation, the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI), under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), took center stage, DOST technologies at the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2023. The prestigious event, hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and organized by the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), provided a global platform for inventors to showcase groundbreaking ideas and products. The 2023 SIIF featured around 480 inventions from 26 countries, drawing the attention of 30,000 spectators, buyers, and investors worldwide.

DOST RDIs Make Waves on the Global Stage

TAPI spearheaded the participation of the DOST's Research and Development Institutes (RDIs), showcasing the Philippines' prowess across diverse fields. The agency selected the local technologies based on its in-house market intelligence report which covered priority industries and business landscaping prospectus in the Korean market. Among the standout technologies came from four DOST- Research and Development Institutes (RDIs)

DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI)

PTRI showcased their innovations on textiles, presenting Lyocell/Natural Textile Fiber-Blended Yarns, an Industry-scalable Natural Dye, and a Shoe Insole made from Natural and Bio-based materials. South Korea has a thriving textile sector that supports textile raw material exports, focusing particularly on the synthetic fabric industry. 

PTRI's natural fiber technologies and dyes captured the attention of local Korean exhibitors, highlighting the Philippines' role in supporting sustainability in the textile industry. The use of natural fibers like abaca, banana, and pineapple opened new avenues for collaboration and diversification.

DOST-Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI)

ITDI's Salt Washer Machine was developed to increase the purity of solar method-produced salt to 97%, while the Flavored Salt & Food Seasoning was designed to add economic value to locally produced salts. These technologies generated buzz among the audience and the jury, with many inquiries directed on how to make these innovations available for the global market. 

ITDI’s Salt Washer Machine, with its potential to address South Korea's decreased salt production, emerged as a technology of interest. The global community recognized the technology's significance in overcoming challenges in salt production.

DOST-Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI)

PNRI showcased two groundbreaking technologies - the New Plant Growth Promoter (NPGP) for agriculture and the New Hemostat Technology (NHT) for health. The NPGP promises a 20% increase in crop yield, while the NHT, a life-saving medical device for controlling traumatic wound bleeding. These innovations gained wide receptions due to its novelty and the use and exploitation of nuclear energy to create high value products. It showcased the Philippines' capabilities in medical technology and agriculture, attracting international interest and inquiries about its application and availability.

DOST-Food and Nutrition Institute

The Food and Nutrition Institute presented the Kayumanggi - Stabilized Brown Rice Technology, which enhances the qualities of cooked brown rice with a longer shelf life. This innovation appealed to health-conscious consumers, especially senior citizens in South Korea, aligning with the country's growing preference for nutritious diets. International inquiries focused on distribution channels and licensing options for potential adopters.

Awards and Recognition on the Global Stage

The Filipino innovations not only impressed the crowd but also garnered prestigious special and jury awards, solidifying the Philippines' position on the global innovation map:

Special Awards and Recognition:

  • Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTEC) Special Award: DOST-PTRI's Industry-Scalable Natural Dyes received this esteemed recognition under the International Federation of Inventors' Associations, affirming its international impact.
  • Citizen Innovation - Singapore Special Outstanding Award: DOST-ITDI's Flavored Salt and Seasoning earned recognition for its exceptional contribution to the culinary world, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the food industry.
  • Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INOPA) Award: DOST-FNRI's Kayumanggi - Stabilized Brown Rice received acknowledgment for its excellence in promoting healthier rice options with an extended shelf life.
  • National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) Best International Invention and Innovation: PNRI's New Hemostat Technology was lauded for its life-saving applications, demonstrating superiority over commercial products.
  • Korea Invention Promotion Institute for Excellent Efforts in Creating an Invention: DOST PNRI’s New Hemostat Technology 

2023 SIIF Jury Awards:

The judging criteria included Technicality (30%), Marketability (30%), Feasibility (30%), and Design and Explanation (10%). The Philippine delegation received six jury awards: 

Gold Award:  DOST PNRI’s New Hemostat Technology and  DOST ITDI’s Flavored Salt and Seasoning

Silver Award: DOST PTRI’s Lyocell/Natural Textile Fiber-Blended Yarns and DOST PNRI’s New Plant Growth Promoter 

Bronze Award: DOST-FNRI’s Kayumanggi: Stabilized Brown Rice and DOST ITDI’s Salt Washer Machine 

Unveiling Proudly Pinoy Technologies to the World

The SIIF 2023 served as a strategic platform for the Philippines to unveil proudly Pinoy technologies to the global market. The Filipino spirit of innovation and ingenuity shone brightly, capturing the interest of international collaborators, investors, and consumers. The event not only celebrated the achievements of Filipino inventors but also showcased the Philippines as a hub for cutting-edge technologies.

Future Prospects and Collaboration

As the Philippines continues to make strides in technology and innovation, the 2023 SIIF 2023 results underscore the global relevance of proudly Pinoy technologies. The awards and recognitions received serve as a testament to the excellence of Filipino inventors and the potential for collaboration on the international stage.

TAPI's successful coordination and management of the Filipino delegation at SIIF 2023 have opened doors for future collaboration, technology transfer, and commercialization. The Philippines stands poised to play a more significant role in the global innovation landscape, with proudly Pinoy technologies leading the way into a future defined by ingenuity and excellence.