By Lawrence San Diego

In a resounding display of innovation and impact, the Department of Science and Technology - Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) emerged victorious at the Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines 2023, hosted by Marketing-Interactive. Their transformative campaigns, Project SciNing and Gawad Alunig x Dalumat, claimed the coveted Gold Awards, leaving an indelible mark on the agency’s marketing portfolio.

Project SciNing: Illuminating Minds in Basilan

Against the backdrop of a nationwide struggle with scientific literacy, Project SciNing emerged as a shining beacon, bagging the Gold Award for Excellence in Communications/Public Relations. With a budget of Php 2.75 million, this three-month campaign aimed to breathe new life into the Invent School Program (ISP) and revolutionize science education, choosing Basilan as its pioneering site. By seamlessly blending face-to-face experiential learning, film production, and art exhibitions, Project SciNing sparked enthusiasm and awareness, engaging students, teachers, and the local community.

Gawad Alunig x Dalumat: Empowering Citizen Journalism

Gawad Alunig x Dalumat, DOST-TAPI's ingenious foray into citizen journalism, secured the Gold Award for Excellence in Relationship Marketing. Faced with challenges in reaching private inventors, the agency orchestrated a brilliant campaign empowering citizens to report science and innovation stories in their communities. The result was a flood of 59 science newscasts and 32 science publications from diverse regions, showcasing the power of community-driven storytelling. The campaign not only exceeded expectations but also triggered a remarkable 200% increase in the number of invention proposals, marking a turning point for DOST-TAPI.

A Night of Celebration and Recognition

The 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards ceremony, which has similar legs in other ASEAN countries, is a glittering affair organized by Marketing-Interactive. It provided a platform for industry leaders, senior marketers, and innovators to come together and celebrate the best in Philippine marketing. Entries are judged by an independent panel of marketing experts based on the campaign’s effective assessment of its problem, solution, implementation strategies and overall performance. 

DOST-TAPI's victories underscored not just the success of past initiatives but also set the stage for future endeavors. The awards ceremony was more than a recognition; it was a celebration of DOST-TAPI's commitment to bridging educational gaps, empowering communities, and fostering innovation.

The Future: DOST-TAPI's Commitment to Excellence

The Gold Awards for Project SciNing and Gawad Alunig x Dalumat mark a significant milestone for DOST-TAPI, propelling them into a future defined by innovation and excellence. These campaigns, which were developed and spearheaded by the agency’s in-house marketing team, the Applied Communications Unit for Inventors (ACU-i), showcased the institute's dedication to transforming education, fostering citizen engagement, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in science and technology. 

“We believe that with the proactive participation of the people, campaigns could be an avenue to usher better transformative changes in our communities”, said Engr. Marvin Eric Dela Cruz, head of the ACU-i of the DOST-TAPI. 

As DOST-TAPI looks ahead, these awards serve not just as accolades but as beacons guiding the institute toward a future where the pursuit of knowledge and innovation is at the forefront of the Filipino experience. The Marketing Excellence Awards have not just recognized achievements but have ignited a spark for future initiatives, reaffirming DOST-TAPI's commitment to excellence in the service of the Filipino people.