By Elijah Espiritu

The Department of Science and Technology - Technology Application Promotions Institute (DOST-TAPI) plans a strategic international initiative to expand the reach of Filipino innovations in the foreign markets, by elevating Filipino inventors and scientists into the world stage.


With a commitment to fostering innovation and promoting technological advancement in the Philippines, DOST-TAPI eyes promising opportunities for local technologies in the international market.  Part of the agency’s strategies in penetrating foreign markets is the showcasing of Philippine innovations in international invention expositions. 

For its inaugural leg for 2024, DOST-TAPI is leading the Philippine delegation of inventors, researchers and technology transfer officers at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) happening on April 17-21, 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland.  By showcasing nine (9) home-grown technologies and inventions, the agency aims to further elevate the visibility of Filipino innovations and position them competitively in the global marketplace.

DOST- TAPI unveils its approach to expand market reach beyond domestic borders, emphasizing the role of inventive prowess in driving economic growth and international recognition for the country.  This strategic establishment of international linkages and network enables smoother access by foreign investors and allows for marketing at an international platform.


The IEIG is the world’s leading annual event devoted to exclusive exhibition of invention, innovations, and the licensing market, with an annual population of more than 1,000 new inventions and products from 800 exhibitors (from 40 countries). Additionally, the event offers exposure to more than 30,000 international visitors and 650 journalists from across the world.

The exhibition will enable Filipino innovations to access new markets and audiences not easily reached through traditional channels, fostering diversification, and uncovering fresh commercialization opportunities.  This kind of exposure sets the stage for Philippine innovations to integrate themselves into the international market, contributing to the overall economic development of the country.

This event is expected to serve as a platform for inventors and innovators to publicize their inventions, products, capabilities, and techniques to international and commercial industry players.  Having potential networking opportunities with 30,000 people, the event satisfies the needs in global visibility of Filipino inventions, strategic networking for licensing and collaborative undertakings, market expansion for economic growth, public relations and technological showcase, and benchmarking global trends.

“We see the participation at the IEIG 2024 as one of the more effective strategies in penetrating the international market and garnering support in securing international collaborations and negotiating potential licensing with investors worldwide”, Atty. Marion Ivy D. Decena, Director of DOST-TAPI.


Highlighting the scale of the exhibit, IEIG serves as a launchpad for new technologies to connect, partner, and network with manufacturers, commercial agents, promoters, financiers, users and entrepreneurs of all kinds. The substantial press coverage of the event adds to the representation and global exposure of the country’s international value in the tech space.

The DOST aims to continue their momentum set in 2019, during their first participation in IEIG where the department clenched gold for two of the three TECHNiCOM-funded inventions.  But more than the gold awards that the DOST is eyeing, the department hopes that with the global spotlight secured for  nine (9) home-grown inventions at the IEIG 2024, its ultimate objective of expanding foreign market reach for local technologies will likewise be realized in the path towards global recognition.