Invent School Program opens to elementary pupils

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Seventy (70) fifth and sixth graders of Project 6 Elementary School participates in the IS Program’s Pilot-testing of Modules for Elementary on 16 June 2017 in Project 6, Quezon City

The Invent School Program of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Technology (DOST-TAPI) broke new ground when it was pilot-tested in two (2) special science classes of Project 6 Elementary School in Quezon City on 16 June 2017.

Of the twelve (12) modules that were developed for elementary pupils, two (2) were tested to seventy (70) pupils in Grades 5 and 6.

The Program which is offered to high school and college students for the past nine (9) years, creates awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), prototype development, and commercialization of inventions, among a few.

Considered as a starting ground among young Filipino inventors, Invent School provides opportunities for students to get in touch with their creative and inventive side, leading them to grow their natural ingenuities meant for generating maneuvers for future enterprises.

“It is through this Program that young minds realize the important role of science and technology in economic and social development by encouraging them to pursue a science-related career that would make them professional inventors, researchers, and scientists in the near future,” Anna Liza B. Saet, Program Manager of Invent School, said.

“Inculcating critical and creative thinking in solving problems in relation with the inclination to prototype development and entrepreneurship is what the Program aspires young students to progress in,” Saet added.

The pilot-tested modules, entitled “What’s in the Box” and “Density and Buoyancy”, were developed in partnership with the Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) and the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI).

Consulted experts were Ms. Jakelley del Prado and Mr. Jeffrey Maloles, both were highly recommended by DOST-SEI.

After pilot-testing the modules and determining whether the modules meet the set objectives, the Program expects to deliver an expert pool of trainers especially geared among elementary students and to tentatively launch the IS for Elementary on 01 August 2017, as endorsed by DOST-SEI for full implementation.

“We are happy that the DOST-TAPI tested this new Program in our school and we hope that this is the beginning of opportunities for our pupils,” Ms. Virginia Macapagal, Project 6 Elementary School Principal, stated.

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